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Thread: MCT Oil

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    MCT Oil

    Does anyone have any expereince or know anything about MCT oil by Mutant?

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    I use coconut oil for MCT.

    Never tried mutant

    What are you wanting to know about it?
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    I use MCT daily in shakes and in coffee. I am in ketosis mind you but have a lot of experience happy to help more if I can. mainly use it as part of preworkout or as an early fast'ish burning fuel source.

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    MCT oil is great and comes mainly from coconuts or palm oils. In Coconut form it is about 50% Lauric acid I think it is which is a longer chain but good for your and your cholesterol. The oil to really assist in fat loss in the coconut oil is the caprylic acid which makes up very little of the coconut but is the 8 carbon chain MCT and converts directly to fuel since the liver doesn't have to process it. MCT oils have no flavor and can be used for cooking and salad dressings. Also if working on Ketosis or fat loss in general look at bullet proof coffee or keto coffee on the internet. I think best to have it first thing in the morning with no carbs. Also watch the dosage of MCT's limit to a table spoon at first since it can cause GI issues making you have to use the bathroom. There are many brands but if you look at Amazon you can get it for 20$ a quart which is the best non Branded price I found other wise it can go up to 40$ a quart. Just shop around. Type Paleo and MCT oil into the net and read a bit as well.

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