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    Transition from CUTTING to BULKING ?

    Hey Guys,

    Current Stats:
    Height 5ft 8"
    Weight 157.6 lbs
    BF% 9.75 (calipers)
    Training experience on/off for past 10 years.

    I'm preparing for my third cycle in a few months time, I've been cutting BF% to get to a decent figure.
    Original Weight and BF on 11th March 2016 was 164.2 lbs and approx 13.5% BF.

    My Cutting Progress:
    Date Weight (Lbs) BF %
    11/03/2016 164.2
    19/03/2016 162.2
    26/03/2016 161.2 12.72
    29/03/2016 160.2
    30/03/2016 159.8
    03/04/2016 159 9.59
    09/04/2016 157.6
    13/04/2016 157.6 9.75

    As you can see my progress has started to plateau, I wanted a sixpack, I can see my upper abs now, but unsure if I should continue cutting or start bulking? advice?
    Currently I'm eating 1,800 cal per day at a macro ration of carb 20%, protein 45% and fat 35%. Eating 6 times per day clean and training on the weights 3 times per week, also training abs on 2 off days, and cardio too.

    How do I now start clean bulking? How do I change my diet so I don't pile fat on? I basically want to clean bulk before my 2nd cycle of Test E / Dbol .


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    I would say eat at maintenance for a couple of weeks to see how your body responds. I figure maintenance for you around 2100-2200 cals.

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