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    Ramadan and keto diet

    Dear friends

    You probably know it is ramadan for muslims.

    During this month, muslims are not allowed to eat from the sunrise until the sunset.

    During this time I decrease my activities and become sedentary.

    I work out two days/week.

    Since I only eat after 10 pm and became sedentary, should I decrease my intake of 1800 kcal ?

    3 hours after my dinner I go sleep and I realized I gained 1 kg on the scale hence the need to reduce the fats

    My curent macro is 70 % fats - 25% protein - 5% carbs.

    Total 1800 kcal in normal time .

    Thank you.

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    I feel you will be fine. Seems like you may be following intermittent fasting style diet now for this reason. I do it not because of religious reasons although I believe in my self so call it as you wish, but I eat once a day in a window of 2-3 hours after fasting for 16-20hours, I get all my daily kcals which is about 2000kcal, and I am more than pleased with how it works for me.

    Also, I love keto diet

    PS. It took me some time till my body adjusted to fasting window this long but once I got used to it I found it to be great not to be naturally hungry until the specific time comes. Some like it some don't, and I love it.
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    Great advice above

    I love intermittent fasting and do it most of the time

    You can look up lean gains dot com to get more of the science behind the 16-8 method.

    There are many types of fasting diets out there, find one that will work for you.

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