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    Hey guys Im going to be doing some Test E + Deca and most people say it wont really kick in until week 5 or so.. but my understanding is that the blood levels should still be high so this is confusing for me.

    Is this real that I wont feel a big difference until week 5? This will be my second cycle and it will be my first cycle done right.

    I am 100% anal about nutrition and planning every aspect of everything and Ive just been cutting for the past 3 months so I am NOT looking to gain any additional fat. Looking just for some guidance on when is a good time to hit the gas pedal on the food sort of speak to maximize gains and minimize fat gain.
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    I would say keep your diet as if you were cutting just add extra protein every week as an extra and peak your protein intake by week 4-5 so you keep on track with lean gains. Extra about 2-300 kcal from that extra protein.That would be my take.

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    Its true. I felt the deca at week 5. Im running almost the same cycle as you (500 mg sus, 300-400 mg deca) and thing didnt happen before end week 3, even if i run sus. (test e should be slower).
    But increased sexual desire within days. You know, there is a time for everything. Sexual, desire, wellbeeing, pump and musclegains. And they all hit at different times. But, main point. When running test e and deca without a kickstart you have to be patient.
    Throw in some LGD the first 4 weeks:-). Easy, safe and then you will get a sarms experience aswell. And if its legit, good gains within days.

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