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    On cycle diet - consistency of diet

    So I'm curious what the consensus is on diet consistency. I know for some a cheat day is good here and there but I'm wondering about the opposite. Do low cal/ food intake days do more harm than good? I'm not talking super low, but instead of 5-6 small meals, what if you drop it down to maybe 3 small meals, 1-2 days a week?

    I ask because there are some days when I'm really busy and I don't have much of an appetite. I probably end up taking in around 2000-2500 calories on those days when I normally take in close to 2800 calories, and that's my cutting cal's.

    It seems trivial but I'm wondering if there is any metabolic advantage to this? Does this have a similar effect to what a cheat day would have, except in this case, your body switches to "starving" mode and stores more fat? Whereas a cheat day might allow your body to use more fat as energy, if not abused.


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    depends on your goals

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    There's no cookie cutter protocol, EVERYONE is different.

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