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    Body fat to high for aas

    Hey there guys. Little info about myself. I lifted in high school until college. I got really depressed ended up dropping out and gained a considerable amount of weight. I went from a very healthy 260 to 335 lbs. By the way I'm 6'4 and I have recently got back into the weights and have lifted for the past year and a half. I use wendlers 531 big but boring. I got back down to about 310 before a quad strain and shoulder impingement sidelined me. Well I gained more weight due to these injuries. I'm now around 340 lbs now. I'd really like to get serious and lose the right amount of weight so I can start my first cycle. I don't really care too much about aesthetics. I jay want to get stronger and be at a healthy weight where I feel good about myself and get athletically functional. How much should I lose and at what body fat do you think it would be healthy to start a simple test only cycle? Also should I drop wendlers 531 (strength program) in favor of a more hypertrophy hiit routine?


    Ht: 6'4
    Wt: 340
    Bf: >25%?
    Age: 25

    Best lifts:

    Bp: 385 1 rep
    Squat: 465 5 reps
    Deads: 505 1 rep
    Ohp: 225 6 reps
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    It's all in the diet bro. Changing your routine can give you a renewed sense of energy at the gym, but imo I would determine your base caloric intake needed for maintenance, subract 500-750 from that daily, and make your your protein ratio/ macros and in order. See where that gets you after a month (should lose 1-2lb a week depending on how much water you hold). Imo improving the quality of your carbs plays a large role as well at your size, but since I don't know anything about your diet I cannot really speak on that.

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