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    Finishing a cut - advice for transitioning out


    So finally about to finish a longggg up & down 2 year cut. Im down about 103 pounds so far, going to aim for 10 more and then be done with it

    I'm curious to see what you guys think about transitioning out of a cut. My goal is to get into a clean bulk ASAP. Do you think I should just jump right into it? Or should I slowly increase my macros. Does the metabolism need adjustment time?

    I am 23, 5'6, 173lbs, approx 13%-15% BF. Right now my macros are 215p, 175c, 50f, with one refeed day per week. This has been getting me to lose on average 3 pounds per week. My goal is to get down to the 160lb range. By time I get there I will probably need to have reduced macros to 205p, 150c 45f.

    Should I go straight into bulking macros? Should I gradually increase 250 calories every week or so for a couple months?

    Let me know your thoughts, thank you!

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    For me, I'd move straight into maintenance. It will take a week or 2 to work out what that is but if you have suffered any metabolic damage it will stop you from gaining too much fat by bulking straight away. I also like the idea of you body resting and getting used to a certain weight for a month or so after a cut/bulk.

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