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Thread: Diet Confusion continues.. Help

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    Diet Confusion continues.. Help

    Howdy All,

    I've tried using several online calorie calcs to determine my daily calorie demand, but I get a different answer with every one. I've seen anywhere from 2300 to 3000. I'm 48, 6' 285 and am trying to lose 60lb in a healthy manner. Problem is I have a desk job, although I try to walk for 30 min during the day. I'm also getting back into the gym after a year off. Can anyone recommend a good calc to get me pointed in the right direction?

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    well, its not about the calories only, its alot to do of frequency of food intake, macros breakdown and other habit and factors of your health.

    I would say, if you want drastic weight loss, intermittent fasting or keto diet (or both combined) provides just that, also - in a healthy fashion and you dont necessarily need to under-eat. I can estimate that ~2500 quality calories with ~30min fasted morning cardio, ~40% protein 55% fat 5% carb ratio would be sufficient to start and as time goes adjust from there, but you gotta read a bit about keto diet or any low-carb diet for that matter.

    cutting out processed foods, corn/wheat, fructose and sugars out of your diet should be the start point. there is alot involved, too much to list at one time.

    The interesting thing I found out is that if you have your meals split in to smaller portions spread out throughout the day, and include heavy physical exercises such as lifting weights, you will soon put your body in to such anabolic state that will turn all the excess fat in to fuel as days go by so long as you keep consistent with your diet, and eliminating carbs/sugars you will loose alot of water weight which in turn can also look like fat-weight.

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    The problem with starting low carbs with macro's is you don't have anywhere to go after awhile..a guy your size will need to change his ratios's many times to get down to optimal weight while trying to spare muscle..I would go 40 :/: carbs 40 protein and 20 fats and keep lowering the carbs as you start hitting walls in your weight loss..hit some interval cardio, get on a consistent weight training schedule and it will come off..try to shoot for 500 under tdee and keep checking your weight ever couple weeks if your losing it too quick it's likely a lot of muscle as is the one I use but keep in mind it's just a rough guess you really need to experiment to get what's right for YOU splitting your meals up into 5-6 little ones is important for keeping your metabolism burning..there is a lot of good diet stickeys you should read in the meantime
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    Kong's right about playing with your macro ratios. that's what i'm having to do and the is what i chose. it's all working

    it's also harder when one has a desk job man. A/C and a chair isn't all it's cracked up to be eh. the best kind of job is one in which you can be active, but still get paid good. we've all chosen our poison.
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    Just sort your macro ratios out, stick with one of the lower maintenance caloric intakes recommended for you, and see where that takes you after 2 weeks. All online estimates are just estimates. Through trial and error you should be able to figure out what caloric intake will lose you 1-2lb/week

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    Fasted cardio. Bingo. Works magic.

    Slow and steady wins the race.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SlimmerMe
    Fasted cardio. Bingo. Works magic. Slow and steady wins the race. SM
    the best line so far

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