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    Little_Johns weekly Diet Log

    Hey guys and gals I've ben around the forum was away for awhile being a fat a$$ realized something has to change and decided to start a diet and will try my best to keep it updated.

    Plan is to carb cycle i have a handy calculator i picked up from Times Roman a few years back it may have an update since but not sure.. Will be hitting the gym twice a day and cardio man I hate cardio...

    Here is some pics as you can tell I've been stocking up for my before photo....

    Little_Johns weekly Diet Log-img_2693.jpg
    Little_Johns weekly Diet Log-img_2702.jpg

    Photos are not sucking in and man they are hard to look at my guess is mid to high 30's on BF maybe more?..

    Goal is to be around 20% not sure on a timeframe for it though.

    Plan to update the thread weekly and include pics, weekly nutrition intake and the weeks workout..

    Thanks for any advice and encouragement y'all

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    Good luck!
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