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Thread: need bulking tips on gear

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    need bulking tips on gear

    I'm 190 3rd week, I'm trying to bulk, shooting for 3200 with heavy workout session for 5 days a week, and I don't think I can eat a lot. I don't want to start junk bulking burgers and shit but no other way. I'm eating clean diet, big meal is 2 servings brown rice and 3 servings chicken, shit only equals like 500 calories. I can't eat this shit 6 times a day, I'm too full by the 4 th meal. Any advice on the highest calorie lean diet I can eat and still get my proteins? Or am i gonna be a frequent visitor at mcdonalds and burger king.

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    Walmart has these fold-it protein breads. Toss some PB and sugar free jelly on there and you've just added close to 400 calories.

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    Imo you should increase you fat intake.

    That's the easiest way to increase net calories.

    What are your stats and activity level?
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    I made a penuttbutter and jelly sandwich. Wheat bread. 4 tablespoons of peanut butter. A little coconut oil plus the 2% milk i have with it. Boom that's like 600 calories right there and it's a snack. Good fats, some protein and slow burning carbs
    2 of these lunch and before bed (when I eat mine) maybe minus the jelly cuz of sugar and that's 1200 calories or so right there roughly

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