Hey guys

First off some stats

29years old
Currently 13.5% body fat
3 cycles under my belt
Goal - lose bf and retain muscle


Test P 200mg/week 1-8 weeks
Anavar 80mg/day 1-8
hcg 250mcg eod 1-7 (Will never cycle without it. Made PCT on my last cycle a breeze.)

My question is regarding diet. My goal is to get to 7-8%. I naturally cut down from 28% to 12% bf. Even though i was looking lean all over my love handle were hanging on so my goal is to cut down considerably for 2 months at a little bit more calorie deficient and more cardio then i would do if I went at it naturally.

Right now I'm eating 3000 calories and i want to reduce it by 200 calls every two weeks. I am definitely an Endomorph. My whole teenage life I've been over weight so i generally keep my carbs at a lower level.

So for my question, which diet do you think would produce optimal results while maximizing the effects of the steroids .

low carb diet
Carb cycling
intermitted fasting (lost 40 pounds doing this)
keto diet.

Thanks for your help.