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    Post Question: 44lb Bag Whey Protein (Under $110, Not A Sales Pitch, Seeking Clarity)

    Hey everyone, just wanting to check this product. Have a business partner that works with GSA Contractors and other major food suppliers. He is giving me a hand with some whey protein product that they get. I am seeking this to help with the weight gain aspects of my diet, coupled with eating a good solid diet.

    It is a 44lb bag of whey protein (I posted the PDF file overview of it). I understand it may not be perfect, but the price is really good compared to what I have seen elsewhere. He is offering it as a favor, and unless someone tells me otherwise it looks like a really good deal for me?

    Can anyone (aside from maybe some nutrients its missing that could be augmented) point out anything glaring or is this good to go in your opinions?

    Thanks guys.

    Question: 44lb Bag Whey Protein (Under 0, Not A Sales Pitch, Seeking Clarity)-isochill8000-1.jpgQuestion: 44lb Bag Whey Protein (Under 0, Not A Sales Pitch, Seeking Clarity)-isochill8000-2.png
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