25 Years old
Bf: don't know never measured
Weight: 148 Pounds, 67kg
Height: 5feet 6inch, 1,68cm

I'm eating clean about 3-4 Months now my maintenance as i have count is 2650 cals a day and currently i'm eating 2900Cals but i think i have stuck in a plateau (Or i'm impatient?)

So my typical day is

Morning around 7:30-8:00

Porridge Oats 100g, 229 cals
Almond milk 8oz 30cals
Whey Protein i scoop 1cup 120cals
Cinnamon 1tsp 19cals. TOTAL: 400cals, 113Carbs, 4fats, 45protein.

Morning Snack (Pre-Workout) around 11-11:30

3 egg whites and 1 whole Egg, 105cals
White basmati Rice, 200g, 216 cals. TOTAL: 45Carbs, 5fat, 20protein and 321cals
(plus some Beta-Alanine and Intra-Workout some amino Acids)

(After Workout: 1 Scoop whey Protein, 15gummy bears and some Glutamine)

Ground Chicken Patty-Meatball(Homemade with whole wheat bread) 200g, 380cals
White Basmati Rice 300g, 300cals
1 Sweet Potato, 120g, 105 cals
2Cups Romaine Lettuce, 32cals, TOTAL: 84carbs, 22fat, 48protein, 490cals

Afternoon Snack
1 Canned Tuna 190cals
White Basmati Rice(Cooked) 300g, 300cals
2cups Lettuce 32cals, TOTAL: 60gcarbs, 2fat, 48protein, 512cals

Grill Turkey Breast 8oz 306 cals
Red Kidney Beans 100gr, 110cals
White Basmati Rice 250gr, 250cals
1cup 2%fat Greek Yogurt, 112
1cup Lettuce 32cals, TOTAL: 81carbs, 7fat, 80protein

Before Bed Snack, I scoop Casein and 1 apple.

TOTAL: 2904Cals, 383carbs, 40fat, 245protein.

Workout: Monday/Chest/Triceps Tuesday:Back/Biceps Wendsday:Rest/Cardio 30minutes
Barbell Bench Press - Medium Grip Dumbbell Bent Over Row
Incline Dumbbell Press Wide-Grip Pulldown Behind The Neck
Dumbbell Flyes Seated Cable Rows
Incline Cable Flye Reverse-Grip Pulldowns
Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension Barbell Curl
Cable Lying Triceps Extension Preacher Curl
Standing Calf Raises Standing One-Arm Cable Curl
Seated Calf Raise Bent-Knee Hip Raise (Smith Machine)
Dumbbell Shoulder Press Friday Leg/Abs Saturday/Rest/Cardio 20minutes
Smith Machine Upright Row Barbell Squat Sunday/Core/Exercises.
One-Arm Cable Lateral Raise Front Barbell Squat
Bent-Over Rear Lateral Raise Leg Extensions
Barbell Shrug Romanian Deadlift
Seated Calf Raise Seated Leg Curl
Leg Press Calf Raise Smith Machine Hip Thrust
So this is my full program of diet and Training any tips and suggestions for improvement is more than welcome, Check my bulk diet and Workout?-14599836_10210796509131858_412623774_o.jpgCheck my bulk diet and Workout?-14600622_10210796509171859_27185539_o.jpgClick image for larger version. 

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