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    Bloody meat - Strange question

    Hello guys.

    I was just thinking about it, that whether if i eat bloody meat may cause hormone imbalance. The animal blood contains testosterone and other hormone stuffs too. It seems like that as if i would take hormones directly.
    What do u think about that?

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    food is anabolic and red meat has lots of creatine so in a way your right...smh lol. since in fact you do grow from eating..and red meat is especially high in protein lb for lb

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    The doneness will not change the composition, the blood might just have a tiny bit more hemoglobin. Eating meat will not cause hormonal imbalances because you won't ingest a significant amount anyway.

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    The amount of hormones per ml of blood is miniscule, plus they dont survive the stomach acids.

    Digestion is the food breakdown

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