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    First Test Cycle - Need to dial in my diet

    Good day Ladies and Gents,

    As the title states, I'm starting my first Test only cycle soon and would like to get input from the experienced ones on the best macros to follow. Here's some info about myself

    Age: 28
    Height 5'9
    Weight: about 178 pounds
    Body fat: 15 to 17%

    PR on Lifts:

    Deadlift 455 pounds (at 175 pounds)
    Bench 255
    Squats 310
    Overhead press 155

    Goals for my cycle

    Increase in strength and PRs.
    Gain some size. Probably not my main objective, but definitely would like to add some.
    Lean up down to a % of body fat (more important to me than size is).

    I was thinking something along the lines of:

    1.5 Body weight for Protein
    0.5 Body weight for Carbs
    0.4 Body weight for Fats

    I currently supplement with

    Protein Powder

    I am going to add Garlic and Ginger pills just for general health.

    I added some pictures of my current physique.

    Looking forward to hear from you!

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    you need to decide on your goal, hard to build and cut

    i could see you growing very well on a test cycle. do you have your PCT in place?

    with the macros you have listed above, i don't see you growing all that much with carbs being so low.

    you have to eat to grow! also, check out Marcus' Dungeon in the AR Lounge, may be time to try some HIT type training

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    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes, I got the pct and test cycle from the beginner sticky section.

    If I focus on a lean bulk, what macros would you recommend? They say the first cycle is one of the most important so I don't mind adjusting my goals to get the most benefit. I'd appreciate if you can show me macros that you'd think fit my physique.

    I'll check out Marcus as well, and def add some HIT

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    IMO you should have your diet in check for at least a year before starting any cycle. And you asking for macros makes it seem like you don't really know your body because you haven't followed a strict diet for any length of time. Not bashing you, just saying how I'm reading into it. Before you cycle you should already have an understanding of what macro setup works for you, how you respond to carbs, how much protein a day you need, how you do with fats, etc.

    Once again, not bashing you, just saying maybe you should hold off on the cycle for a bit until you yourself know the answers to your questions. Everyones body is different and diet is a largely personalized thing.

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    Not getting bashed at all. If anything, I appreciate the feedback. I do believe you're right. I do have a semi solid idea of my macros, but I wouldn't say I perfected them, yet. Perhaps waiting a few more months to make sure it's 100% dialed in would be better. Thank you again.

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