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Thread: Help dieting

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    Help dieting

    Hey guys I started a diet the 3 days ago....

    If i train 6x a week, my maintenance calories is 2800.

    My diet is currently 1800 calories (180P, 150C, 50F). The diet is all good until about the third or forth day, I will start to feel extremely lethargic and tired. I also notice that my training sucks by then, meaning I am tired by the 4th or 5th exercise and wont have enough energy to continue, and I will get half the reps on some exercises, so i basically lose strength or do not have enough energy to continue as soon as I deplete.

    Is all this normal? Do i just push through it? I am hoping to lose 2lb a week...
    I am 174cm tall, 80kg and bench 80kgx6 so im not strong at all.


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    The reason you feel like crap is because you are crash dieting throwing everything and the kitchen sink at it. When you start you need to do so with as of a minimal calorie deficit as possible and the same with training unless you already have a well worked out routine that you have been using for a while. This effort will simply fail because it is too extreme.

    1. Have you tried eating at 2800kcal/day for a while to see what happens?
    2. How long have you been training like that and what kind of routine is it?

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    it may also be a good idea to pack as many of the carbs around your training as possible. It should help with the energy at the gym but you still may end up dragging your ass all day if you don't follow the advice above.

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    That's a huge calorie deficit all at once

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