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Thread: Where do your carbs come from?

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    Where do your carbs come from?

    Where do people get the majority of their carbs from? I know the "clean" foods to eat but curious as to what others do.
    I'm on a "lean bulk" diet now and try to get most of my carbs pre, during, and post workout. Using rice milk in pre shake, carb supplement during, and rice milk, bananas, and oats in post shake.

    The rest of my carbs for the day consist of rice, sweet potato, and veggies. Sometimes a flax pita with my tuna.

    Is this an ok carb source or is there a better way to do it? I'm not 100% on the rice milk and bananas as I'm obviously trying to keep BF gains as low as possible but not sure how else to reach my macros without it.


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    The only carbs I'm eating at the moment are oats, brown rice and bananas. And some vegetables
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    I lean on oats and rice mostly, occasionally whole wheat pasta post-workout.

    Oh, and pizza on Fridays
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    Brown rice, rice cakes, Ezekiel bread, Ezekiel cereal, oats, sweet potatoes, occasional beans (really like tuna/chicken and beans as it is easy to gulp down in huge quantities without the big chest pain bolus of protein sticking in the gullet)

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    Asia but not Asian.
    Short Carbs from Breads and Rice and Cottage Cheese. I am not on the Oat bandwaggon

    Long Carbs from Vegtables and Bananas.

    I do not eat clean like a lot of people on here. If you remove the shakes which I feel are BS you got to down a LOT of food to make 4000 calories. I am 6'4 and built like a linebacker even before AAS. Eating enough is the hardest thing ever unless you use secondary sources of stuff like processed protein drinks and stuff.
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