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    Diet Question for Full Bulk Cycle

    My cycle is fairly weak. I am a TrT patient. 125 test 50 tren per week.


    125mg Test/week
    500mg Tren/week
    12.5mg Aromasin EoD

    4 days a week workout
    7 days a week light cardio (walking trails and climbing stair up to peak and back here in Hong Kong)

    I want a full Bulk cycle. I am ok with some fat gain at this point.

    How far over maintenance calories (LBM used for calculation) is recommended.
    What metric should I use.
    What should I do with diet leading up to the cycle? I have 3 months before cycle start. Should I go deep into keto diet before cycle start for a bulk?

    Thanks in advance for the feedback

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    look up in the search function and check out Marcus's prime before the cycle

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