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Thread: Daily diet plan review

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    Daily diet plan review

    Im having a hard time with doing the macro calculations and wanted to see if my daily eating plan is close to where it needs to be. Im 54, 190lbs, 5'10", working out 5-6 days a week.

    Meal 1
    3 large eggs with a handful of shredded cheese. (Each egg is 7 grams of protein and the cheese is about another 6 grams)
    27 grams protein

    i large cup of coffee with sugar and creamer. (my vice I havent been able to give up yet)

    Meal 2
    Greek yogurt
    1 cup 22 grams protein

    Meal 3
    Tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat toast with a slice of cheese.
    Tuna is 13 grams of protein, bread is 6 grams protein and cheese is about 5 grams of protein
    24 grams of protein (sometimes this changes out for peanut butter sandwich, grilled chicken on salad, Chicken breast)

    Meal 4
    Protein shake
    25 grams of protein

    Meal 5
    Chicken Breast and Vegetables or Beef and vegetables
    30-40 grams of Protein

    Meal 6
    pro gainer protein shake before bed
    60 grams of protein

    I know I have to calculate the carbs and fats to get my macros dialed in, but I wanted to see if I am heading in the right direction to get my protein in to build lean muscle mass. Im having a hard time eating so much without feeling stuffed.

    Id also like to know what everyones thoughts on greek yogurt is. A cup of oikos greek yogurt is fat and sugar free and is packed with 22 grams of protein. That seems like a great protein staple in a diet, but the yogurt does affect my stomach at times.

    Thanks for any feedback

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    What are you aiming to do? Goal wise that is.

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    While I'm younger than you by a bit, our stats are very similar. I'm 5'10" and Abbott 195 right now. My weight fluctuates a lot right now due to some personal issues, but to maintain my 190-195 current weight, my diet consists of this (what I've eaten and will eat today) :

    6 eggs
    8oz sirloin steak
    24oz whole fat milk

    10am snack-
    4oz beef jerky (homemade with low sodium)

    Lunch -
    12oz fried fish fillets
    1 cup cheese grits
    Collard greens

    Snack -
    Post workout shake (50g protein mixed with 8oz whole fat milk)

    Dinner -
    Half chicken (smoked)
    2 large baked potatoes (real butter and cheese)
    8oz asparagus

    Bedtime -
    8-10oz lean meat
    24 oz whole fat milk

    This is pretty much my daily diet and is around 3000 calories. That's to stay at my current weight.
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    I'm trying to gain lean muscle.
    I don't have trouble staying in the 190 -195 weight range on my current food intake. I don't think i could eat as much a you are. I struggle with 3 whole jumbo eggs and cheese for breakfast.

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    You eat like you are cutting, other than a horrible gainerbat bedtime.

    You eat almost no carbs. IMO they are a must for growth.

    If you don't know what you are eating it's difficult to know what to add to gain. If you are worried about the amount of food you may need to eat well, it's simple really. You add a bit at a time.

    Fwiw, I can't even touch 200lbs even at 4000cals per day. That would be around 600g carbs, 250-275g protein and 50-60g fat. Every day. Day after day. Consistently for months.

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