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    Anyone have Colitis or ibs?

    I was diagnosed with Spastic Colitis yeturday, a form of irratable bowel syndrome (i am always constipated). Obviously this isnt life threatening, but i wasnt sure if anyone here knew anything about it. MY doctor knows nothing about nutrition and says i cant eat raw fruits or vegetables. And he said hi protein is good, but when i brought up protein shakes he acted like it was the plague. Anyone have this or know anything about it?


    He gave me a prescription med to take and told me to take fiber all day.

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    My dad has diberticulitus, id ont know if it is any relation but he is not allowed to eat any foods with seeds. stuff will get clogged in his colon or something. My ex had IBS and she use to take some meds, i dont know to much about it but she would be in pain if she started receiving some bouts of it.

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