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Thread: Need Input on Diet Plan

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    Exclamation Need Input on Diet Plan

    Hi everyone,

    I'd like some input regarding my diet plan.

    Here are my stats:

    • 5"11 (~180cm)
    • ~195 lbs (~88.5 kgs)
    • Body Fat: 22-25%

    I'm looking to lose a little over 15 lbs (6.8 kgs). The goal is to have my body fat be at 19% or under.

    Daily Diet:

    • First Gym Session (7-8 AM) - Fasted cardio: 30 minutes StairMaster on speed 6 and 10 minutes on the Treadmill (steady jog)
    • Meal 1 (9:30-10:00 AM): 4 Egg Whites, 27 pieces Macadamia Nuts + 1 Multivitamin pill
    • Meal 2 (12PM): 5 ounces Chicken Breast (or chicken breast ground beef), 1 ounce White Rice (or white pita) and 1 cup Broccoli
    • Second Gym Session (1:30-2:00 PM) - Weights + 1 scoop Creatine Monohydrate powder and 1 BCAA pill
    • Post Workout (After gym/~4:00 PM): 1 scoop protein powder + 1 scoop Creatine Monohydrate
    • Meal 3 (5:30-6PM): 5 ounces Fish or Chicken, 1 cup Broccoli (or spinach)

    According to MyFitnessPal, this is 802 calories (31g carbs, 33g fats, 97g protein). I understand 802 calories is quite low. MyFitnessPal recommends I consume 1,900 calories a day. I really hope someone can help me alter this diet plan a little, if needs be.

    Please let me know your thoughts on the timings and meals. I was looking into a Keto diet as I have a decent amount fat to lose. Provide your insight on what you think is best. To follow this routine or jump onto a Ketogenic Diet.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Jesus man, that is low cals. Your body is in shutdown going that low, your body probably doesn't want to lose fat, probably burn muscle first.

    You should eat about 1900 cals like MFP tells you. Bump it up and see what happens.

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    are you a female fitness competitor pre competiton? if not that's not enough food and ultimately un sustainable, set yourself a realistic target of a 1lb a week but be consistent, ie a pound a week for 10 weeks is 10lbs lost plus aiming to drop a pound a week theres a chance you will stick to the diet, if you aim for big losses two things will happen, a) you will crash really quickly, your body will then pile on any weight you lost plus a bit more for safety, b) you will give up after two weeks as you will feel shit and wont be able to function.

    look at the sticky's in the diet section about working out your TDEE, from there you can work out your deficit and who knows in ten weeks time you could be coming back on here with the ten pound loss pics for us all to congratulate you over ;-)

    if you are serious about loosing weight you will need to do the math, get yourself my fitness pal and start tracking what you eat - good luck

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    I'd recommend hitting around 2500 cals give or take.

    Protein - 225g
    Fat 50-60g
    Carbs - 250g

    What you are eating isn't even enough for a very small female fitness competitor. Keep eating like you are and you will suffer some pretty severe metabolic adaption and your body will cannibalise whatever lean tissue you have.

    There is no magic to ketogenic diets but ther is magic to consistently eating the same amounts day in day out. When your fat loss stalls you can remove some carbs from the diet. As it stands when your weight loss stalls what do you do? Go to 500cals per day? Then what? Up the cardio? Dropmto 300cals per day?
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