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    Diet advice (looking for improvement suggestions)

    Hi all,

    Was previously almost 145kg end of 2015. Got sick of being a fat POS and have been on a fitness binge ever since. Gym 3-5x a week.

    Kickstarted with Duromine with no negative side effects, dropped to 95kg - and holding steady at 104kg/ever so slowly losing more weight naturally and gaining muscle.

    Have now gained a bit of muscle and lost a considerable amount of fat - but still have a ways to go till I hit my goal of 11-12% bf or 85kg

    I'm looking for ways to improve my diet. I use a low carb/fat high protein diet and find it fine to manage without binging on bad food etc or having weak moments. Whilst I'm a fairly spontaneous person, oddly my diet is the one thing where I'm happy to eat the same foods for months on end without getting sick of them.

    Goals - build lean muscle and get to goal weight of 85kg.

    Dislikes - raw tomato, mayonnaise or similar, tangy salad dressings. Allergic to all seafood and shellfish.

    Here's what I currently eat. It's probably awful.

    I can afford to buy whatever and can cook very well. Send your suggestions.

    Breakfast - 225mg caffeine & protein shake. - 750kj (3g carbs, 1.5g fat, 37.5g protein)

    Lunch - 90g porridge with 1 cup unsweetened protein soy milk w/ a tablespoon of brown sugar and cinnamon, Another protein shake

    - 2150kj (68.9 carbs, 11.6 fat, 57.4g protein)

    Afternoon Tea - a Banana, protein shake Two shots of black espresso

    - 700kj (40g carbs, 0.6 fat, 37.5protein)


    Dinner. 250g of meat with a cup of rice, quinoa or burghul wheat with a herb seasoning. Or mixed roast vegetables. Another protein shake

    Or mixed roast/raw vegetables and tofu

    - 1684kj (43.4 carbs, 6g fat, 67.5 protein)

    Total: 6034kj (154g carbs, 20g fat, 250g protein)

    If working out that day I'll have this after

    Protein shake, 45g porridge made with 1/2 cup whole milk

    - 1492kj (30g carbs, 7.3g fat, 33.5g protein )

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    I personally wouldn't call this high protein by any stretch. If anything, I'd swap the carb/protein ratios given your deficit.

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    Whoops. Typo. I wrote this when I was tired. Fixed. It's about 250g of protein and and 150g carbs.

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    You don't have enough fats. Up the fats to at least 50-60g a day. Your hormones need it.

    Have you looked into carb cycling? This may be a small change you can try to see how your body responds.

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    No, I haven't tried carb cycling. Will do some research. Worth noting I have had a hormone panel test + cholesterol etc etc checked in the last month and they're all normal.

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