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Thread: Food allergies?

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    Food allergies?

    Considering going on the Dr. Oz "The Plan" diet and thought some of you guys would have a good grasp on things. Trying to get my head around a good solid diet and this one struck me. Not read a lot about food allergies but it makes complete sense.

    I'm 41 and have stage 1 hypertension (resting 140/93). Right around 6' and 305lbs. Getting headaches weekly and figured I'd start with my diet since sustaining an ankle injury about a month ago. I've let myself go the last 10 years. Started a business, had a kid,and just not disciplined my eating and sleeping habits. I used to lift so I'm carrying a lot of my weight between my chest and thighs.

    My plan is to get my diet in check and then start hitting the elliptical I bought a few months ago. If anyone can suggest some quick and sustainable ways to get my heart rate down and lose weight I'm all ears.

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    The easiest way I know to start is to pay attention directly. What I mean here is that you do not track what you eat but try to eat food that you would know is healthy. The simple act of paying attention, in the beginning, is, generally, enough. Once you have done this for a while and you, maybe stall, you can start being a bit more advanced. This will create minimal changes to your existing lifestyle and therefore be easier to implement.

    Nothing wrong if you want to follow an existing diet routine, but it usually fails in the end as no one can sustain the changes it requires.

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