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    How many cals to drop 4% bf and lean bulk after

    My age 22
    Height 5 10
    Weight 80kg
    LBM: 68kg
    Bf 13.8

    My tdee is 3100 should I be eating 500 calories under or more to loose around 4% body fat ? And I also want to try and lean bulk

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    500 under is a good place to start. No matter what, you'll have to make adjustments based upon how things progress.

    Bulking can be even more loopy. Using myself as an example: I maintain at around 2700 per day, at a bodyweight of 163. As soon as I start adding surplus kcals in the form of carbs, I can't fucking sit still. This leads to a need for further increases to keep the scale ticking upward.

    Essentially, just take your baseline, add 250-350 per day, see how things go for a couple of weeks, then move up or down from there.

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