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    another dumb bunch of keto questions

    Keto diet still a good way to get cut up quickly if done right?

    if it is does it basically go like this?

    being in ketosis is what's important.

    being in ketosis doesn't mean one can eat fats unchecked. there is a limit.

    protein requirements still need to be met in order to maintain. isn't that 1:1, or 1:1.5 weight : protein in grams?

    saturated fats are important, but cannot be what the entire diet is using. the best energy fats are more simplified fats.

    essential fatty acids are crucial. sooo could i get by with 30 - 35g fat per day?

    fiber should be used a the carbs source. one should use 20g per day?

    being on keto basically means you won't run out of energy because it's coming from the bodies fat stores first, or the fat being put into the body, hence people going on keto and wondering why they aren't getting cut up. eatin' too much fat.

    if this is all right then wouldn't protein be higher than fat?

    and if all this is right, what's the best and fastest way to drop into ketosis? cold turkey?

    and if that's true so should fat start out high then drop down once in ketosis?

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    See your previous thread

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