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    Please advise on my "RECOMP" diet

    Currently laying down my next cycle with Tren Ace:

    I would really appreciate some advice and guidance with regards to fabricating a solid diet. I'm hoping to go for the "Recomp" diet. Been out of the gym for a while and after a break-in period I'll begin my cycle, so I know I can simultaneously gain some muscle and reduce BF%.

    GOAL: Mainly reduce BF% from current ~12%(165lbs) and gain a little muscle I want to be ripped. And I know this is 99.99% down to diet, training and steroids of a much lower degree.

    IDEA: In the past I've done my cuts with basically no carbs and had 2 re-feed days a week, or really low carb high fat in both instances protein around 1.5g / lbs bodyweight. I'm thinking to go for maybe a high carb (being a tren cycle), low fat and 1.5g protein / lbs of bodyweight.

    QUESTION: To recomp, how do I determine calorific limits for workout days and rest days? Also what macro split should I go for? I know protein will be around 250g every day, it's just the carbs and fats...

    Thanks Guys.

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    Calculate your TDEE and base your daily calories on that number. If I’m cutting i will start with 3-400 below maintainece and watch the scale. But if you are more concerned with your macros i really wouldn’t keep track of calories that much.

    Maybe look into carb cycling. Have your high carb days on high volume trianing days. Would definately recommend not eating very many if at all carbs on your rest days.

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    Post your height, weight, body fat %, age, daily activity rate. Need those to calculate your TDEE.

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