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    So hard on myself and calories. Help please

    Have no worries at all helping people along with food etc but when it comes to myself i constantly convince myself its wrong just add this take away this an this you know.

    I have no worries following a plan and have done so an competed a few times an works well. However my last comp trainer pretty much starved me to death. I was 112kg prior to shredding an about 15% bf (skin callipers). I ended up on stage after 19 weeks at 87kg felt like i lost heaps of muscle too. I was also on gear too!!

    Anyway that trainer is long gone. Im currently 6'2 115kg and 27% bf by recent dexa body comp. Recently had 8 weeks off training due to overseas travel and business.

    I will be starting a cycle of test blend of cyp, prop and enan 400mg week and tren blend of ace, enan and hex 150mg week. Any orals too?

    The big q is macros and calories. Im coming up with about 2,300 broken into
    241g protein. 227g carbs. 47.4g fat

    Any suggestions on macros?
    Have also been advised maybe try carb cycling whilst on cycle which i may give a go as never done it before.

    Any advice/ criticism is apprechiated guys


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    You are starting way to low imho. What happens when fat loss stops? Drop to 2000? Then to 1700? Then where?

    If you think your trainer was starving you then you are going to do exact the same thing to yourself.

    At the start of a diet you should be eating the most amount of food you can whilst dropping 1-2lbs of fat per week.

    I also think starting a cycle at your current fat levels is a waste, I’d be dropping to sub 20% before starting.

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    Your TDEE is near 3800cals. That's how much you need to eat to maintain your lifestyle and not lose any weight. If you want to bulk you need to eat 3800cal+. You need carbs to gain muscle. Keep your carb to 40% of your total cals. Protein/fats can be 30%/30%. Work out like a mad man. Good luck.

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