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    Need diet help - bulk

    I have been putting on mass for 6 years since I started, only once cut for 8 months. I feel like I should be bigger and gaining at a higher rate.

    6'1" 226.5# roughly 14% bf. I want 240. Currently I eat pretty well (so I think).

    6am 1/4 cup oatmeal, 2 eggs 5 egg whites, blueberries and honey mixed with oats.

    830am 8oz beef or chicken with 10oz potatoes or pasta or rice

    11am same as 830am plus banana and few rice cakes

    230pm same as 830am - usually this meal is steak tho

    6pm home from gym 16oz whole milk, 2 scoops protein, 1 scoop karbolyn, 1tbsp peanut butter

    830pm 8oz beef or chicken, 10oz carbs of some sort give or take. 1 cup green veggies.

    Cycle history is pretty decent. Willing to adjust cycle to anything to benefit the goal of 240. Right now 500mg test c and 500 mg deca . Pretty low doses and maybe that's part of my issue.

    Any advice? Thanks guys

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    You should be eating about 3600cals (TDEE) just to maintain your body weight. If you're bulking you should be eating 3600cals+ and keep your clean carbs at 40% to 45% of your diet.

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