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    TDEE cutting critique. Quest for lean mass

    Hey guys

    Would really apprechiate some feedback here. I feel like im mentally convincing myself im wrong.

    So im 31 and 115kg and recent dexa body comp at 25% bf. Have been training few years and competed a couple times too so know about dieting and the work required.

    Ii have reallly upped my intensity of training and lifting heavy again as oppose to just reps.

    I am currently on approx 3000 cal consisting of 322g protein, 257g carbs and 74g fat.
    Good mix of food there and reasonably satisfied all day.

    Dont feel like im losing weight at min but could be due to increase of intensity and building recently lost muscle (7 weeks of poor diet an no training over christmas)

    How do the macros look? Any advice or tips on training? Cardio?

    Ultimate goal is to shred some fat and increase LBM.

    I have opted to not do a cycle this time round untill i am around 15% bf

    Thanks in advance guys

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    don't feel like or definitely not loosing fat? I guess that's your starting point if you are actually loosing then winner, mirror and how clothing feels is the first signs usually right?>

    if your definitely not shedding fat though your 15kg heavier than me but seems like a smidge high on carbs there, maybe cycle high medium low days for lower carbs on non heavy training days but keeping them high for quad deadlift day etc? give it a few weeks then adjust, as your not juicing i'm assuming there is no rush?> as you'll know from pre contest I would keep cardio in your pocket at the min and see how far you can go with diet first, again especially as there is no perceived rush, it might be that you don't need to add any addional cardio in to reach your goal
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