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    Eating and training post-cycle to shift belly and chest fat

    17% BF

    Since my last cycle I've been attempting to lose the fat I've accumulated around my gut and chest - but it's proving difficult.

    in terms of my diet, I'm running on 2,800 calories a day, which factors in a deficit of about 250 calories.

    in terms of my training, it hasn't changed much post cycle. I initially lowered the weights, but I've begun increase them as the weeks go on. However, I feel like I'm stagnating, and this may be a cause for the fat to be sticking.

    I've considered HIIT weight training as a means to burn the fat, but I'm not entirely sure?

    Ideally, I want to get this sorted in time for my next cycle in about 3 months.

    Any opinions or advice?


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    HIT training works and stay on the compound exercises, squats, bench, deadlifts and military press and go for the afterburn.

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