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Thread: Basic video on healthy Carb, Fat, Protein options

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    Basic video on healthy Carb, Fat, Protein options

    Hey All,
    I made a quick video on selecting healthy carb, fat, and protein sources. It's very basic but might be helpful for those learning about macros and planning a diet. The slides I created were originally intended to help parents and teachers with meal planning. I received a lot of positive feedback so I added a few nuggets of wisdom for fitness enthusiasts. If you're looking to add variety to your diet or would like some info. about carb, fat, and protein options check it out!

    A few things I didn't expand on
    -Egg whites are an excellent source of protein. They're cheap and easy to measure. I include 1-2 yolks.
    -Chicken is a great source of lean protein but lacks many of the nutrients found in red meat (i.e. B vitamins). Lean cuts of red meat are excellent, albeit more expensive.
    -Oatmeal is a great source of carbohydrates. Cheap, easy to measure, high in fiber, contains protein. If you have trouble digesting oats white rice is another option that meets many of the above criteria.
    -I find my performance increases when I consume more carbs on days that require a lot of volume and intensity (back/legs). I consume less carbs on days where I'm less active (Chest/off days/etc.). Carb cycling is my preferred way to get lean. I'm not saying it's the best option but as a natural lifter it's the best way I've found to maintain muscle and reduce bodyfat in a caloric deficit.
    -I used to avoid fruit. Sugar is evil right? I've learned that fruit is fine, it contains many vitamins and fiber. If you have a sweet craving a piece of fruit will keep you feeling full much longer than 'junk food' like candy bars or ice cream. The fiber helps.
    -EAT FAT TO LOOSE FAT. Weird right? Fat is essential to testosterone production. I keep fat much lower than carbs and protein in my diet but always include some with breakfast and before bed. It will help keep you full throughout the night.

    The best tip I have is make small changes. If you redo your entire diet overnight it's going to be MUCH harder to stick to. Try changing one meal every week or two. Also, weight loss can be uncomfortable. I used to think hunger was a sign my body was going catabolic and muscle tissue was falling off the bone.

    Feeling hungry is associated with Ghrelin, a hormone that increases appetite. You won't loose all your muscle and your body will adapt to reducing calories. Veggies and water are an excellent way to combat hunger but the occasional cheat meal won't ruin your progress as long as you exercise some portion control!

    Here's my vid:

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    Nicely done F4!
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    Good stuff!
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