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    Name some of your wierd meal concoctions...

    These are typical meals for me:

    1.) Tuna, beans, & broccoli (or brown rice) all mixed together with Newman's Italian dressing.
    2.) Shredded baked chicken, ketchup, & parm cheese mixed together.
    3.) Lean turkey burgers chopped up & mixed with brown rice & teryaki sauce.
    4.) Oatmeal, choc. protein mix, and pb (or cottage cheese in replace of the's ice cream!)
    5.) canned chicken salad, mashed yams, and ketchup in one BIG bowl.

    Let's hear some more...


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    1. Chicken broth, pasta or brown rice, brocolli, chicken breast chopped (stew)
    2. Lean ground beef, chopped mushrooms, onions, brocolli, soy sauce, brown rice (stir fry)
    3. Cottage cheese, yogurt (blend)
    4. Tuna, ground oats, brocolli, egg whites (tuna burgers)
    5. Tuna, boiled eggs, light mayo, celery, dill pickle relish

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    1 cup of brown rice, 2 cans of tuna...microwve for 2 min's...then add hot sauce and ketchup...if cutting skip the ketchup (to much sugar)

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