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Thread: Rough week

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    Rough week

    I'm fighting the battle of the bulge to get myself down from ~23% to <15%. This next two weeks is going to be rough: I've got my partner's 40th birthday dinner, two mandatory business dinners, and my college 10 year reunion all in a row.

    Basically, I don't have the protection of my prepped meals, and bizarre as it sounds, it makes me a little nervous.

    Disaster plan:
    -limit drinking
    -intermittent fasting (8 hours on, 16 off)
    -cardio 'till I feel dead

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    How was your week?

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    How long do you reckon it will take to get from 23% down to below 15%? i'm in the same boat as you with the bf% i'm too curious. Also what kind of AAS are you running? what goes well with cardio in regards to fat burning and muscle keeping?

    also what does your diet look like at the moment? kcal?

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