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    Starting HRT next week...I'm 50 yrs old 5ft 8in 235....last 2 years been slowly gaining fat. I've been at gym M,T,TH,FRI.last 3 months get up about 7 get to gym about 9 do 2o mins walking 3.5 mph 6% incline then lift for 50 minutes with 60 seconds between sets all on just coffee in my stomach in Hope's of burning fat. Drink 45 mg hydrowhey shake after and eat a banana. 2 hours later eat 50 grams of protein in egg whites. Eat drink another shake eat high protein dinner then lowfat cottage cheese before bed. Really low carb. With HRT starting I want to do it right so should I be adding more carbs after workout or eat just want to get it right!!!

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    What is your goal, fatloss?
    You should consider a diet you can hold for a long time and not just for a period. At first sight it seems like a lot of shakes and little food. Could you lay out your daily intake in macros? Starting point for fatloss is usually 2500-3000kcal a day(for a trained person), with at least 200g protein a day, maybe 40-50g fat and rest from carbs, you think you have that?
    Since youre just starting HRT i think you would start losing fat and get some muscle just by training regularly, no need to go all out, how is your training-history, how long have you trained etc?

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