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Thread: Insect Protein vs Whey Protein?

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    Insect Protein vs Whey Protein?

    I've read a lot of info showing that insect protein is the most effective protein for the body to absorb. Everything I see on here people say these use/recommend whey but I've seen no mention of insect protein on here or used as a comparison. Looking for some feedback on it.

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    Google it and click on the first link that comes up (chapul)
    If you are feeling extra lazy, I will give you my opinion on the information on the site:
    Whey looks better. And probably a lot cheaper

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    I have had great results with entomophagy, growing up in rural Southern America (not Latino). Currently slamming a stack of crickets (300g ed) and mealworms (200g ed), but still using whey and pea protein instead. I eat them because they are tasty and easy, especially with some fish sauce and pineapple! Crunch!

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    You guys have to be kidding me here??!!!???!!!
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