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Thread: Vegetarian Diet advice on a light cycle.

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    Vegetarian Diet advice on a light cycle.

    I am going to be starting a light cycle on Monday. I am a vegetarian-mostly, and was hoping for some general feedback/advice on my plan.

    Any suggestions/reinforcements would be greatly appreciated!

    Vegetarian Diet advice on a light cycle.-01plan.jpg
    Vegetarian Diet advice on a light cycle.-02plan.jpg
    Vegetarian Diet advice on a light cycle.-03plan.jpg

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    Your Post Cycle care is wrong, read the sticky.

    Protein bars are garbage food, they are just glorified chocolate bars with the worst grade of protein powder added in.

    Gainer shakes are the same as above. Cheaper, healthier, and easier to make your own.

    All rice meals should be complimented with a legume (chickpeas, lentils, or beans for example)

    More than one meal with steamed vegetables.

    Overall protein is low

    Trenbolone and light cycle do not go in the same sentence.

    Can't comment on the gear component without knowing Height, Weight, Age, Bodyfat%, Years Training, Short Term Goals, Long Term Goals, and previous (if any) cycle experience.
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