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    Exteme bodybuilding/health benefits of milk.

    In honor of dominic filou dying from heart failure recently at 41(rest in peace), heres something that should help you avoid the same fate!

    It's a controversial topic im sure most people will say "milk is for babies!" to in which i respond with " how was that heart surgery, Arnold?"


    Calcium - It is no surprise milk contains tons of calcium and it is not common knowledge calcium is very,very lipolytic. Calcium directly increases the thermic effect of eating, catecholamines and is basically the base thermogenic factor you can manipulate.. High dose(2400mg which isnt that much) calcium is proven to dramatically increase fat loss during a weight loss phase regardless of calorie intake. Skim milk is extremely ideal for fat loss. Many bodybuilders believe the whey they use has enough calcium for them which is just not true at all, for health purposes calcium should be at 2-5g per day if you can down that much.

    Incredible milk peptides - milk has many unique peptides which range from ACE-inhibiting (BP lowering) to opiod peptides. The only other known source of this ACE inhibitor is soy sauce. Milk in theory will have a very hypotensive effect and reduce pain which is probably good for most people on here lol.

    Main benefit for bodybuilding leucine and hormones - Leucine has been studied an extremely intense amount and it essentially is required for most anabolic effects of cells and high leucine is extremely anabolic. There is absolutely no better source of leucine than milk, period. Mother nature designed babies to drink something with very high leucine for good reason... And a shorter tidbit, milk has been shown to both contain thyroid hormones and IGF and also to raise both of these hormones more than just consuming typical protein/carbs, the combo of leucine and IGF is about anabolic as it gets.

    I attribute my extremely good cardiovascular system primarily to this liquid, it shall keep me young forever.

    . In all seriousness it is very, very difficult to get my heart rate and blood pressure to poor levels. This is absolutely critical for people on this site, no amount of PEDs including clenbuterol and trenbolone have had any negative effects on my CV system at all and I think the calcium/peptides are to thank. Hopefully it doesn't seem like im bragging or being a dick because I am genuinely interested in helping people do this safely. Think how stupid it is that ACE inhibitors are drugs when you can get a much more powerful form in a delicious form.

    Short version: milk has extremely large benefits for typical AAS user / bodybuilder ranging from blood pressure lowering to anabolic to painkilling to fat burning properties. Literally perfect bodybuilder food.

    On a fun note, logically speaking, why the actual fuck would the body reject milk("lactose intolerance")??? This seriously blows my mind, milk is probably the most nutrient-dense food in nature and apparently there's some disease that causes some people to reject it?? Thats almost like saying you're oxygen intolerant! Along with ADD I think this lactose intolerance thing is a big stinking lie, Ive literally drank up to 3 gallons of milk per day before and all it does is improve everything, lol. Alot of people are incorrectly afraid of milk for this reason and it sucks... I would go far as to say if I had a clinic, milk therapy would be a thing, no lie, especially for people with heart issues. Literally every healthy person over 90 ive talked to all have had two things in common: they never smoked and always drank lots of milk.
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