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    Tdee and myfitnesspal

    Hello all,

    So for about the 200th time in my 35 years I am atempting to diet.
    However I plan to not go so crazy this time every diet I have done has been far too restrictive literally chicken and rice.
    However having now educated myself calories in vs calories out.
    For some reason I always believed it to be far more complicated than this. (I'm hoping it's not). So I have downloaded mfp and I have been tracking however I follow james smith on fb he did a post today about not letting mfp do your tdee for you as it's not accurate??
    I am currently trying to up my lean protien as much as possible and I'm tracking everything. I find it's working really well for me however I am now worried that I'm ether eating maintenance calories or I'm worried I'm even in a surplus. HELP!!!.

    I'm 35 years old.
    5ft 10in
    Currently not exercising (plan to start very soon life since Xmas has been mental).
    I am on my feet all day but it's not what I would call a physical job.
    At the moment I'm having 2300kcals a day??
    Any advice very appreciated.
    Many thanks.

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    Calculate TDEE (factor in other things like your activity level and make sure your actually measured height is correct when doing this) I know a lot of you say you're 5ft10 but make sure its correct because I have found a difference in height will make your TDEE off
    Also, measure our your food and oils
    Anything that goes into your mouth make sure it has been measured on a scale and input into myfitnesspal

    The only time I have seen progress with weight loss when I was super careful what I was eating and actually paying attention to the food/macros and weight of the actual meal going into you
    A wrong calculation might mean you're still at maintenance and not 250-500 below your daily calorie goal

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