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Thread: Muscle growth and recovery ..

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    Exclamation Muscle growth and recovery ..

    Hello All,

    This thread is not about how often to eat and intervals eating as the topic been posted hundreds of times in forums.

    My only question is:

    Is eating every 2 and an half hours to 3hrs VERSUS eating every 3 and an half hours to 4hrs will negatively impact muscle growth and recovery in a 12 hours day ??

    Please note be kind to only answer the question and not starting deviating from the question as it is too often the case in here!!


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    Muscle growth and recovery ..

    Why are you so worried about 30 minutes or an hour in regards to food intake and muscle building? Do you think that small amount of time is going to make a difference?

    There is more to it than such a simple question like this
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    well doing the math .. if your working with a 12 hour feeding window and you eat every 2 hours then your having 6 meals per day. if your eating every 4 hours then your only having 3 meals per day.
    If your still able to get the same amount of total food in , wither divided over 3 meals vs 6 meals, then it does not matter. If however eating every 2 hours allows you to get more total food in within that 12 hour time frame then it will make a difference
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