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    Time to see the first results...

    Hi Masters!
    I'm following a bulk diet of 3000cal / 250grs Prot. / 380grs Carbs., I'm 27yo, 162lb, 1,76mts.
    I've started two weeks ago and i need to know how much time is needed to see the first results. My metabolism is very fast. I'm drinking Creatine and whey prot. after every workout and drinking a LOT of water.
    My workout was approved by some of you a few days ago. So i think that my diet and workout are fine. Not esteroids.
    I wanna see results ASAP.

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    Go for 10-12 weeks. Aim for a gain of 1lb per week. If you start to gain too much fat reduce your cals and make sure you are eating totally clean (no sugar, no high GI carbs, mostly unsaturated fats). If you don't gain increase your calories by 300 each week until you start to. Make sure that you are making progress in the gym and every workout you lift heavier or for more reps than the previous one. Drink a post workout shake consisting of high gi carbs, whey protein powder, and creatine (if you want). Get 8-10 hours of sleep a day and drink at least a gallon of water. Do that for 12 weeks without missing days in the gym and going off your diet and you will see progress.

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