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    the rules of bulking i've used for last 10 months

    hey guys,

    i've never really understood ppl trying to bulk heavily but still being so careful about what they eat. i always thought that if you really really want to gain weight, the focus should be more on eating than eating carefully. i understand that some ppl don't want to get fat and everything but if you're starting out skinny, you'd be foolish to be so concerned about fat intake until you start seeing too much of it on your body.

    i started out at about 145lbs, 5-11 about a year ago. now i usually hover at around 168-172 lbs and have been like that for the last 4 months. the last time i checked, i was at around 14-15% bf. but i would much rather have just a little fat than the skinny frame i had a while ago. i usually ate 5 meals a day and here are some examples of some meals

    1. Breakfast: wholewheat toast, cereal, ground turkey, potatoes
    2. 6 chicken strips
    3. chicken breast, potato salad, wholewheat bread
    4. lean steak, mashed potatoes
    5. subway 12" sandwich

    These are just some examples. For the first 5 months or so, I would also have 2 n-large shakes but then switched to 2 protein shakes. i also used creatine on and off for about 6 months. and of course, i trained hard 4-5 times per week. right now, i am happier with my size and am looking for more. this has definitely encouraged me and i am more confident that i can pack on even more.

    so, please don't compain about being a hardgainer if all you're eating is chicken breasts and tuna. that's great for protein, but where are the calories. also, if you're starting out skinny, eat some fat because you might need some. only when you start to get a bit fat should you become concerned. i'm not saying go and eat a tub of ice cream and cake or anything, but be smart.

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    Bump. In my opinion, sure there are ectomorphs, but a true uhh...'hard gainer' is rare. Barely anyone eats enough nowadays.

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