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Thread: Morning pre and post workout nutrition

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    Morning pre and post workout nutrition

    What is your morning workout and postworkout nutrition?
    Any recommendations? Ideas?

    I get up at 8am, take my 1 liter bottle, put a scoop of preworkout(six star preworkout explosion), along with 25g of gatorade powder (dextrose/sugar).
    I make my 3 eggs with spinach leaves and sliced portabella mushroom, with teaspoon of coconut oil, and tablespoon of olive oil.
    Mix 1 scoop of Phase 8 protein with water.
    Make 1 Original Quaker packet oatmeal 30g oats in water with cinnamon and 1 banana chopped.

    It's now 8:30 and I have drank half of the liter of water, while I was cooking.
    I now do an ab circuit 3 rounds. Takes about 10 minutes.

    Now I am eating my eggs, and drinking protein drink. It's about 9am or so

    I then hang with my kids and feed them, and stuff.
    I eat the oatmeal around 9:30-9:40am, taking bites and playing with the kids, and finish the 1 Liter of water around 10am while taking 5g creatine, 5g glutamine, and another scoop preworkout.

    I then fill up a 18fl oz bottle with water, put 15g of gatorade powder, to be sipped during workout.

    10:30am begin 5 minute jog on treadmill, then workout 10:35 till 11:30. Full home gym in finished basement.

    Postworkout is 2 scoops Phase 8 protein and finish intra workout gatorade mix.
    I shower get ready for work, leave at 12:30, and have a wrap(big tortilla with swiss cheese slices and roast beef slices) 18fl oz water, 15g Gatorade powder with another 5g creatine, 5g glutamine, one scoop preworkout.

    Rest of the day is beef, ground turkey, rice, other vegetables and stuff. Plenty of food, I meal prep for the week.

    5'9 210lbs 12-15% BF
    39yrs old
    Blast and cruise life.
    Another 2 years until I get near my goals. Thinking long term, marathon not a race.
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    Pre (30-45 minutes before):
    1 tbsp peanut butter (healthy fat, helps stabilize blood sugar levels throughout the workout, tastes good)
    1/2 cup quick oats. With quick oats, a lot of the fiber is removed. Making it digest quicker and have a higher glycemic index (so better for pre-workout).
    1.5 scoops whey isolate (better digested for be if pure isolate)
    1 tsp salt (adds taste and helps w better pumps)
    Blended w water

    Another one I also like that Meadows recommends:
    Cream of rice, peanut butter, whey. mixed together in a bowl.

    Nothing. Just 32oz water. imo, intra nutrition is a waste, for me it's even counterproductive, unless the workout is 2hrs or longer or you're going into it fasted. I say counterproductive for me, because it makes me thirsty (even though I will be drinking plenty of water) and sluggish (despite if it's dextrose, cyclic dextrin, etc). Even if it's easily digestible, my body trying to digest while keeping up high intensity workouts says, "fuck you, pick one."

    Post (as soon as I'm home and showered):
    8 egg whites
    2 eggs (scrambled and cooked with the whites)
    3/4 cups old fashioned oats
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    do you use insulin before workouts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackal55 View Post
    do you use insulin before workouts?
    I do not. Seems to defeat the purpose of a pwo meal. I dont want to send those nutrients to storage, I want to burn them off as fuel for my workout

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