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    Vegeterian Ice-cream?

    I just bought some vega-ice, cholesterol- and sugar free ice-cream but Im not sure about the incredients!!!!
    I think the main incredients are soybeans....
    Do you think it is okay for me to eat it while trying to stay lean and healthy?
    Please tell me what you think!
    Train hard - Eat smart

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    if its a soy product go ahead, as long as you have enough room for it in your daily kcal intake or your not on a low carb diet.

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    How many carbs are in it? It's likely that the carbs are entirely high GI carbs, and thus are empty calories. I would not make it a staple of your diet, but as an occasional treat it probably won't hurt. I eat a pint of Hagen Dazs full of sugar and fat once a week on my cheat day, and I'm still losing a pound a week.

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