As you all know, most countries around the world has already initiated its' lock down period causing most public places like gyms to close down.....
which for a long period of time, would probably affect our TDEE
as for my country, the lock down period has been extended from 2 weeks to a month at max currently (hopefully)

my current TDEE and macros for my usual 5 days/week workout are...

2859+300 surplus due to lean bulk = 3159 calories
Protein (1.25g/lb)=220g
Fats (0.4g/lb)=70.4g
Carbs (rest of calories)

so guys, with the lock down going on and my TDEE affected (working out with only dumbbells at home), would it be a great idea to adjust my carbs according to my TDEE for the remaining 2 weeks or should i just keep it the same for my lean bulk?