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    Exclamation Looking for quick good meal ideas

    hey guys so a little about my self I'm 27 my current weight is 145 lbs i am 5'7 I have a extremely active job (before job I have always had a small build never weighed over 180 lbs) I work in a cold storage warehouse where I lift approximately 35,000 lbs a night and could be upwards of 50,000lbs a night (step counter alone on phone says i burn about 1,500- 2000 cal a night) i have been trying to get my meals back on track because lately my body has been feeling like shit and i am always tired and feel drained so my body wants to sleep like 12 hours a day... all I have been eating is mainly out to eat fast food and im trying to eat more fish and high protein like foods to get my body back on track... my goal is to get my habits of eating the right amount of cal,protein ect back on track so that i can start being able to have the energy to start bulking at the gym but I feel with my unique situation of already burning almost 2000 calories a night just from my job alone that I feel kinda stuck on where I should even begin thanks everyone for the help !!

    Ht: 5' 7
    Wt: 144 lbs
    BF%: estimate 16%
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    I am no expert but my guess is you are probably burning way more then what step counter is telling you, I burn more then that just resting and sitting on my ass most of the time. Remember your body is still working (Buring Cals with each breath) even after all this heavy lifting is over....

    You definitely need healthy fully nutritious food, you are tired because of fast food... Really good to see you are thinking about it and want to get that sorted.... Bravo on that mate...

    I will let expert to comment...

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