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    Perfected CKD Body Opus Diet

    Here it is, a Dan Duchaine Body Opus diet with exact foods with refinements a la Lyle McDonald, including supplements and work out schedule. It is a slight cutting diet, but pretty damn close to my maintenance calorie level. I hope somebody can use this, it took me weeks to finalize it. During carb-ups I am not going to wake up every 2 hours as suggested by Dan, as Lyle says this is not necessary for glycogen supercompensation. I also will not do the 3 day per week workout schedule. I also tried to minimize the saturated fats during the week by drinking a lot of flax seed oil.

    This diet should work for someone like me, about 200 pounds 10-12% bodyfat, to lose fat and gain muscle AT THE SAME TIME. If you're lighter or heavier with about the same bf%, then just adjust the calories.

    Demetri and others who use CKDs: please lemme know if it could be better in anyway. Thanks!
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    Protein seems low for your low carb days, I'd up it to at least 1g per lb of bodyweight. Other than that, it will just take time to see how well it works.

    Right now i'm using a CKD for bulking, and i have to say its working pretty well so I definitely think this type of diet can work for building muscle, but i still feel that its going to be tough to gain muscle when you're taking in under 3k calories, IMO i would up the calories by adding more protein.

    BTW, I wouldn't put the flax in your pwo shake and i would take at least 2 scoops of protein pwo, i take 3 but it does get expensive.

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