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    Carbs and last/night meals

    I'm very sensitive to carbs and I was just wondering how do you guys deal with the carbs at night. What time should be my last meal? Any smart options for dinner or timing? Right now I'm having brown rice, brocc and beef. It's 50 carbs all. This is one hour before I go to bed.

    Thank you.

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    I generally eat my last meal 2-4 hours before I sleep. Last one is usually something like chicken, rice and potatoes, amounting to ~120-130g carbohydrate. The whole “no carbs before bed” thing is fucking retarded, assuming that caloric balance is established. I go to bed looking like a puffed out watery mess (current drugs have to do with this as well), and wake up tightened right back up. It’s almost like the body puts shit where it belongs when you sleep or something.

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    It's not about time, it's about calories, but I try not to eat two hours before bed, otherwise, I can't fall asleep afterward. It is difficult for me to fall asleep if I have just eaten. I used to be able to just go out at night and start eating. Chocolate, cookies. Now I don't keep it at home.

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    I can't sleep if I don't eat 1 hour before bed. I try to have less carbs before bed (when I'm actually trying). I know myself and I can't abstain from snacks/cereal/etc., so I don't buy them. I had to give my gf all of my snacks when we started our "diet." Feels good not being tempted. She can handle that shit, I can't. Told her I would need to get a safe for her snacks if we ever moved in together.

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