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    Questions about splurging..

    I make Saturday or Sunday night my splurge night. I have a question though. If I eat a big steak, sometimes the steak has a little fat on it. The problem is that that is where most of the flavor is. If I eat a big T-Bone AND the fat that comes with it am I ruining everything I did during the week? The same goes for Buffalo Wings and beer. I love to go order 18 wings (the hotter the better) and a pitcher or 2 of light beer. Again, am I making my diet during the week null pointless? I hate feeling guilty about what I eat on the weekends but you all seem so dedicated that I don't wanna fuck myself in the long run!


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    no you didnt ruin your work for the week. hell, the past couple weeks every saturday i have seasame chicken and lo mein .. and later on i have a big ice cream.. now this is a bad habit that im going to break cuz i enjoy eating it an then regret it the rest of the night. one steak with some fat? no big deal.. that white marbley fat always grossed me out though, and i would cut it off.

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