Could i please get your opinions/suggestions on this meal scheduel.

Serving 1- 9:00am bowl of oats, 5 whole eggs, wholewheat toast(100% penut butter), glass of 2% milk

Serving 2- 12:00 One chicken breast with noodles with tomato/cream sauce, glass of milk

Serving 3- 3:00 One baked potato, some tuna, protien powder some fruit (probably apple or banana), glass of milk

Serving 4- 6:00 Steak, cottage cheese, salad, baked potato, glass of milk

Serving 5- 9:00 Egg omlete with veggies, cheese etc, glass of milk

Serving 6- 12:00 Turkey sandwich with cheese etc, cottage cheese, green apple, protien powder.

I'm trying to get around 5000 calaries a day.. i have no idea if all that is close.. what do ya think?

One more question is having around 10 whole eggs a day bad for you?