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Thread: New Macro Distribution for Lean gainz

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    Lightbulb New Macro Distribution for Lean gainz

    I'm trying this macro distribution out for my diet and 3 day split twice a week. I know a guy that gets great results with a distro like this.

    28% protein
    59% carb
    13% fat

    below is the old distribution. made me feel super full all the time, and I lacked energy. I also wanna be fairly lean year round, so I found an article. its attached.


    on work out days I'd try to eat around 3,410 calories a day at my current weight and LBM
    LBM is like 175
    BM is 200

    on the new distribution that comes out to 240g protein, 500g carbs, and 50g of fat. this thing I made and use is attached. we cant have our phones at work. please ignore what I ate today. it's more in line with my old distribution and the somosa was a gift from a friend


    currently taking 150mg test per week. will transition to anavar and MK677 in the coming weeks. im currently on a mil installation in the middle east, so my options for gear are limited to what i got RN and we aren't allowed off base.
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